The Making of Chess for Africa Video Documentation 2013 - 2014

The video documentation of the chess lessons at Mambo Primary School
was made possible by a kind cooperation between the team
- chess trainers in Soweto and Johannesburg
- the Headmaster and Board of Mambo Primary School

- the Medien LB Gauting/ Germany

At the set:

Producer - general Supervision: Dr. Anita Stangl
Scene director, 2nd camera: Axel Schramm
Camera: Chris Schlegel
Cut: Chris Schlegel

Chess Trainers helding the Lessons:
- Linda van Wyk, St. Peter's School for Boys, Johannesburg
- Jabulani Banda, at Mambo Primary School

Trainers contributing to lessons, monitoring them at the set:
- Jabu, Linda
- Björn Lengwenus
- Stefan Becker
- Nhlanhla Andrew (working in mind, based on chess)