Two photocopies for the board are glued on card board, then cut to size. If metal bottle tops are used as pieces, the card board should be 30 x 30 cm or
27 x 27 cm. With plastik bottle tops the card board should have the minimum size 29 x 29 cm, even better 30 x 30 cm.
You need 32 bottle tops/chess set, so for a class of 40 pupils you need some good 1300 of them.
The statt at the school kiosk will help you to collect the bottle tops, but you better tell them some days if not weeks before!
We recommend you let t w o pupils make a set at a time - so they can help each other out with glue and sissor, also it is much more fun for them, obviously.
Time needed to make o n e set is about some 60 Minutes - the second one will go faster.
Please keep in mind you need to plan every child get's his own set, otherwise they might argue who is allowed to take the chess set home...
Not only for girls - boys can handle this too!
For the printouts you can use ordinary copy maschine - take care that you have a good printer when you print the PDF from the internet or from the files you got.
If you are able to send the 3-page pdf file directly to your printer, the even better: every page will be sharp and crispy.
When you use the metal bottle tops take care only "good ones" are used, not being too much damaged.
You do not know where to get? Ask your next cafe/bar to collect them for you. They may need some weeks, most likely they will like to take part in a good project.
Promise them they will get a good set for their cafe, they can put it visible in their longue hand out this to their customers!

To make the chess sets is fun, if made together in groups. A new experience: we make something together, something we can use instantly, we make it by ourselves
and we have fun using it.
These girls are using plastic bottle tops from water bottles. They got copies for a board 26 x 26 cm - obviously too narrow for such pieces!
For such pieces you needed the board sized 29 x 29 cm, this size is to be preferred even for the metal bottle tops, they have more space.
These chess sets are meant to be taken home by the pupils, so size of the chess board does not matter much.
Once a piece may be missing it should not be a problem for their teacher to help out - please have a reserve sheet at hand, so a piece can eassily be replaced!
Done! Girls, proud and happy about what they have done in one hour!
Methodical chess lesson encourage development of mental and social skills.
EDUCATION is the key to success and wealth of Africa - here you see it's future elite.